International is a SubID Keyword Tracking Tool – Pay Per Click Affiliate Conversion Tracking Tool

What we can offer ? is a B2B online webservice designed to measure the performance of online marketing campaigns and website traffic.

Our traffic tracking webservice is designed for webmasters, free online marketers and affiliates worldwide,who needs to know what Search-Keywords and Ad-Campaigns from different online traffic-sources like Searchengines, Newsletters etc. are the most profitable! works with all avaible online channels, including organic traffic and pay-per-click search traffic (eg. Google AdWords, Yahoo/Overture, Microsoft AdCenter), banner ads, email campaigns, sponsored links, press releases, paid inclusion and e-newsletter ads etc

Our tracking solution supports now the most important german and international affiliate networks like,, Tradedoubler, Commision Junction. Additional networks will follow soon. The traffic tracking solution is also designed to not collect and save any data from their clients. Our product is now one of the most secure avaible online traffic and conversion tracking solution for online marketers & affiliates worldwide. Features

• Know your best-selling, most profitable and effective keywords!
• Track Organic Traffic & other custom Traffic Sources.
• Discover new, effective, converting niche keyword combinations.
• Privacy for all related data even to the networks through our supported link cloaking function.

Get Answers

• which paid search engine converts the best?
• which ad copy generates the most leads and sales?
• which destination page has the best conversion rate?
• which ad campaigns are losing you money?
• which newsletters generate sales leads for your business?
• and more!

Our tool is used for optimizing business performance based on various metrics such as keyword conversion rate and return on investment. This is particularly relevant for tracking return on investments in PPC advertising campaigns, where there is a particular cost for each click. But our keyword tracking solution can also be used to track which keywords from organic traffic are leading to sales conversions. This allows you, the Affiliate Marketer or search engine marketing professional, to know which specific key phrases to target most when perfoming search engine optimization (SEO) and PPC advertising campaigns on Pay per Click Searchengines like Google (Adwords) or Yahoo (Search Marketing).

Many SEO professionals, web marketing affiliates and webmasters would like to know which keyword phrases are the ones making the most sales, thus generating most of the income. In another scenario, one might own more than one site (or newsletter) and might want to track one’s affiliate links from these multiple sources. Affiliates providing rewards or incentives to members also need to distinguish between different referrers.

If this applies to you, read on. Today, most affiliate network solution providers enable you to manually track multiple search engines, keywords, PPC campaigns, websites, newsletters, and members by appending words or numbers to your affiliate URLs. This is called SUBID tracking or Sub-id Tracking.

With our solution you can automate this process, and have the original visitors’ search terms / keywords, as well as their point of origin and whether or not they came to your site through specific PPC campaigns, all showing up as dynamic sub ids in your affiliate network reports. There you can see exactly what keywords are making the most sales for you and from which search engine , keyword, add campaign , specific add or other predefined sources the individual visitor and sales are coming from.

Even better: the downloaded affiliate network reports will be importable into our own CSV Tool . This online web service reporting interface (csv-file compatible) offer a further analysis of the Data fromyour affiliate Network. This allows you to break down the affiliate sales data, to see what keywords generating sales from organic traffic or which PPC campaigns and single ads are actually worth the investment in what PPC Bid prices.

In short: Our service lets you see which search keywords or keyword combinations and which PPC campaigns & Adds generate the most profit for your site or online shop and helps you to optimize your PPC and SEO advertising cost spending.

With the use of our tracking service and our online CSV Tool you can easy statistically analyze the sub id data obtained from your affiliate network >

• by search keyword
• by ppc adword
• by affiliate Network
• by search engine
• by entry pages per search engine / referrer / Domain
• by search keywords / keyphrases per search engine
• by PPC campaigns ( Adwords / Yahoo Search Marketing / other )
and other marketing activities like email and newsletter campaigns

Right now we have a solution running in beta state which already supports the following networks: (SubID Tracking) (Sub Id Tracking) ( Epi Tracking )

Soon our PPC Affiliate Tracking Solution will be compatible with

Be Free
Name of program: FlexTrack

Commission Junction
Name of program: SmartRewards

Name of program: sub ID

Name of program: Signature

Name of program: Super Track

Name of program: member-by-member tracking

Name of program: Afftrack

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