15 – Keyword Conversion Tracking Tool for SEM Affiliates!

What we can offer ? is a B2B online webservice designed to measure the performance of online marketing campaigns and website traffic. Screenshot:affilinet subID Tracking

Our traffic tracking webservice is designed for SEM affiliates, webmasters, free online marketers and affiliates worldwide who need to know what Search Keywords and Ad Campaigns from different online traffic sources like Search Engines, Newsletters etc. are the most profitable! works with all avaible online channels, including organic traffic and pay-per-click search traffic (e.g. Google AdWords, Yahoo/Overture, Microsoft AdCenter), banner ads, email campaigns, sponsored links, press releases, paid inclusion and e-newsletter ads.

Our tracking solution currently supports the most important German and international affiliate networks like,, Tradedoubler and Commision Junction. Support for additional networks will follow soon. Features

• Know your best-selling, most profitable and effective keywords!
• Track Organic Traffic + PPC Traffic and other custom selfdefined Traffic Sources.
• Discover new, effective, converting niche keyword combinations.
• Privacy for all related data even to the networks through our supported link cloaking function.

Get Answers

• Which keywords are converting or not converting?
• Which paid search engine converts the best?
• Which ad copy generates the most leads and sales?
• Which ad campaigns on PPC search engines is losing you money?
• Which newsletters generate sales leads for your online business? CSV SubID Tracking Data Analysis & Statistic Tool (BETA)

The traffic tracking solution is designed to NOT collect and save any data from its clients. You keep all your login data and all your valuable keyword information to yourself. The final sale statistics or keyword performances data is only available to the client in the affiliate network statistic interface. This data can be optionally cloaked/encrypted by With the CSV Export function of your affiliate network interface this data can be exported and afterwards decrypted and analysed with our CSV Tool. No relevant Keyword/Sales Data will be archived by and – using encryption – none will be avaible to the Affiliates Networks!

Our SubID Keyword Tracking Tool for SEM Affiliates is now one of the most secure avaible online traffic tracking solution for SEM online marketers & PPC affiliates worldwide.

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