Public Beta online and on Twitter

The public beta version of our keyword conversion tracking tool is available for free right now and up until the final v1.0 version is released. We have published a much more powerful CSV sale reports & statistics tool for our members. Soon there will also be a completely new inclusion method for the keytrack subid tracking webservice

click screenshoot to enlarge viewkeytrack conversion tracking ppc tool users need to include only one single script into all the pages (incoming and outgoing) of their website to get the tracking service up and running. Standard affiliate links from, Zanox, Tradedoubler and Commision Junction are now dynamically modified and enhanced by relevant subid keyword data to be submitted to the affiliate networks (encryption is optional).

Check out the CSV Tool screenshoot below or get a free Beta account to get an idea of what is possible with the keyword conversion tracking tool. Follow us on the new Keytrack on twitter channel to stay up-to-date with latest developments.

This keyword data can only be seen by the affiliate webmasters or PPC/SEM marketers themselves in their affiliate network accounts. users can download encrypted (optional) sales reports (via CSV Export) and decrypt these CSV files inside the CSV Tool. It is now possible to analyse that data (keyword=sale) dynamically across multiple affiliate networks and search engines with separation by organic and PPC traffic. Many more possibilities are realised in the new Beta version.

For example, you can now see what the actual search terms from organic searches are – on engines like Google and Yahoo – which are making the most sales through your bids on Google Adwords or Yahoo Search Marketing (for example trigger keywords in broad matches).


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