News Update – System Modifications and Progress

Yes, is still alive and going, we have changed our strategy a bit, added some more affiliate networks to our Supported List, and are still testing the system on a select few sites. To ensure our users’ privacy and to protect your valuable keyword data, and also to provide more functionality and automation of common tasks, we have decided to move the main data evaluation tool offline.

In the future, you will be able to download our CSV Tool as a standalone application program run under Windows (Mac at some later point), and use it to not only evaluate your affiliate networks’ report files, but to dynamically gather reports from networks such as Affilinet, synchronize these reports with real PPC costs analyses and PPC campaign data from Google/Yahoo, and thus determine real ROI data.

Other proposed functionalities include automatic keyword suggestions based on collected organic keyword data and bad keyword suggestions (and possibly automated Adwords campaign adjustments) based on keywords causing PPC spending without generating actual sales.

All this is on the horizon for along with even easier one-script integration, automatic URL-rewriting for plain affiliate URLs, and even-easier-to-install plugins for WordPress and Joomla.

Stay tuned!


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